Anping Jincheng Filter Paper Co., Ltd.

Anping Jincheng Filter Paper Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, is specializing in the production of internal combustion engine filter used in industry of famous enterprises, is also the first domestic manufactured non-woven technology advanced filter paper manufacturer. Increase along with the market development and customer requirements and factory development strategy adjustment, so now we mainly produce high-grade filter paper by import pure wood pulp raw material, for heavy duty truck, engineering machinery and other filter enterprises do supporting production of domestic and foreign famous heavy duty truck, engineering machinery and other filter enterprises do supporting production. Development have three modern production lines, the annual production of “wuhuan” brand air filter paper, oil filter paper, fuel filter paper used for air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and other internal combustion engine more than 10000 tons.

Products focus on technical content, quality, stability control, passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. Jincheng with advanced equipment, scientific management, excellent technology, good reputation to win the domestic customers praise. Products with excellent quality has passed the China Internal Combustion Engine testing authority “Changchun Institute”, “Shanghai Institute” and other units of testing. “Wuhuan” sell well in domestic filter market, also exported to North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, east Asia, South Africa and other countries of the global market.

Our company adhere to the idea of reform and innovation, the quality of existing products continue to keep high quality market while actively explore, develop market demand for flame-retardant paper, oil and water separation filter, water filter, high precision fuel filter paper, curing paper, oil bypass paper, composite filter paper and so on the top products. Jincheng staff will be under the guidance of new ideas to create new glories.

Anping Jincheng Air Filter Paper
used for filtering liquids in chemical and other automotive procedures

Air Filter Paper

Air Filter paper is made of glass fibers as main raw material by wet process. Characterized by stable property, uniform fiber distribution, high dust holding capacity, high efficiency, low air resistance and high strength, it is an ideal material for air filtration. Used for primary, medium and high efficiency air filters in air conditioning systems in medical, electronic, food and textile industries, etc.


Oil Filter Paper

The oil filter paper has good filter and absorbing performance and certain compressive strength ,the oil filter paper is applicable for filtering petrol, chemical products, industrial oil, and other industrial organic suspended cloud liquid, which is separate its solid and semi-solid debris. The filter oil paper is not suitable for filtering water or suspended of other inorganic liquid.


Fuel Filter Paper

Fuel filter paper media is applied in the fuel filter of automobile engine. Currently, there are two types of oil filter media, one is made of acrylic resin, the other is made of phenolic resin. It will filtrate the impurities when the fuel goes through media to enter in engine. Therefore, its filtration function keeps clean fuel to be supplied, prevents the fuel system blocked and protects engine from damage and abrasion.


Cured Filter Paper

Cured filter paper is not affected by the oil barrel of water to make paper filter pore size greatly reduced, resulting in insufficient amount of filtering, and also will not deformation affected by water. So, cured fuel filter paper is suitable for fuel filter with long service life and high accuracy.


Special Paper

Special paper include composite fiber paper, waterproof filter paper, fire resistant filter paper, oil by-pass filter paper, oil-water separation filter paper, nano fiber tectorial filter paper and machinery subplate paper, etc.